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We are Arnvid Husstand, A Viking / Norman Living History & Combat Group Based in Medway, Kent.

We encourage crafts and other living History activities as well as Combat.

Our members are friendly and willing to help others who are just starting to come into Re-enacting, we love to get-together and make things and train, we also love our social side and have things going on at times outside of our Hobby, we also run an internal competition which all members may take part in and the winners receive a trophy at the end of the year.

Our membership is made up from Families and single people of all ages, Please visit our Web Site

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                                             Our Group Banner at Hastings 
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                                            Cooking Breakfast for the Group
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                                       Tablet Weaving at Michelham Priory
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                                                  == Meet the Group ==
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                                  Hugh de Montgomerie with a Bird of Prey (He Borrowed the Bird)
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                                                    Mabel de Bellême
                                                       Agnes of Ponthieu
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                                    Roger de Montgomerie (with the Battle plans for Hastings)
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