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Blaeddau Du (Black Wolves) is a South Wales branch of The Vikings Re-enactment Society, the oldest and the largest of its kind in the UK.

We formed 5 years ago and have a good mix of warriors and Living history enthusiasts, With 50 plus members in the group and 7 structures in our Village there is a lot of scope for members to explore what ever interests them in the Viking Period in South Wales.

As a group we portray the Hiberno-Norse and Welsh that lived, traded and raided in South Wales C915.

As a society we portray the Welsh, Vikings, Saxons and Normans C850 -1180 and have a lot of fun putting on displays of all forms of Combat and general life in that period, so as to entertain and educate people about History and all it can tell us by putting ourselves in there shoes.

We are always looking for new members to add to our ranks of warriors and living history enthusiasts.

We train twice a month in Newport, but as the group covers from Somerset to Powys and over to Swansea members come to training when they can.

Our combat training consists of training with Seax (knife) Axe, Sword, spears, Dane axe and combat archery in one to one and line fighting to the Vikings society combat system of free fighting

We are a family friendly group and some of our members have children who like to come to training and try out their skills in our Kiddy Vike.


Blaeddau_Du training session late 2016
Blaeddau_Du leading the center at Corfe 2017
Blaeddau_Du shield design

Information about our training here as you can see, it's got many paragraph.

Living History

Caldicot 2016 - Part of our living history encampment

LH info here. Look how much there is. Lots of info.

Group Officers

Silver Jarl : Ru

Ru, The Silver Jarl of Blaeddau Du

Acting Officer : Mikayla Marvannië (Skadi)

Authenticity Officer : Ru

Melee Combat Training Officer : William Curtis (Vidar)

LHE Officer : Geoff Norris (Styrbjorn)

Missile Combat Training Officer : Ian Britton (Knudd)

Secretary : Nicola Bryant (Nanna)

First Aider : Mark Reece

Treasurer : Steve Bryant (Tófi)

H&S Officer : Lewisia Larke (Luta)