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There is some evidence for the smaller shields or bucklers being used by Welsh/Brythonic warriors.

The warriors of the 10th century poem Y Gododdin were equipped with a broad round shield called ysgwyd, yet a figure on a 7th-9th century carving from Eglwysian and a representation of huntsmen on the base of a 9th-10th century wheel-cross from Margam both depict warriors bearing small round shields. Brythonic characters may use any size of shield from small to large. However, poorer warriors may wish to carry small bucklers (putting the emphasis on keeping the enemy away in the first place using javelins and spear), while higher-status combatants may prefer to have larger shields (sword-armed warriors could expect to get into closer combat range).

Small round bucklers should have a diameter of anything from 10-12” upwards, at the warrior’s discretion. They should be circular with a central metal boss and a central wooden hand grip behind the boss. They should be made of wood, covered in painted fabric or leather and edged with rawhide.