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Narrow ware is a name given to all sorts of narrow fabrics, most notably tapes made by tablet or inkle braiding. They may be used to decorate or reinforce clothing, or for other purposes such as supporting the warp threads (ends) hanging from a warp-weighted loom.

There are various methods of making the narrow wares used to decorate costume in England and Scandinavia, principally tablet, inkle and heddle weaving. Only tablet weaving is indisputably attested from our period (with tablets, looms and braiding). Rigid heddles are known from just before and just after our period, but there is no clear evidence for their use in the period we cover. Inkle looms are a modern development. Since the end products are indistinguishable, any narrow ware produced to an authentic-looking pattern is acceptable. However, only tablet weaving should be demonstrated as a craft in the LHE.

Cords can also be considered a type of narrow ware. "Slingr" is known to refer to inkle braiding in Scandinavian countries, and there is a possibility that all narrow braids are "slingr".

Some examples of narrow wares and instructions for weaving them can be found on Shelagh Lewins' website.

Machined braid

While it is possible to buy machine-made narrow ware, it does tend to look as though it has been made by a machine. We would prefer not to see this, especially as hand-made braid is available. Machined gold or silver braid where the gold/silver runs lengthways should definitely be avoided, as it cannot be made authentically.

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