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Most adults had a cloak of some sort. It varied from a simple blanket thrown over the shoulder, to a full-length, lined, fur-trimmed, embroidered gown that any one would be proud to own. Although differing in quality, all were fixed, normally at the shoulder, by brooch, pin or ties. Half round was the most common shape, although square is acceptable.

Viking characters should fasten their cloaks either with a simple bone pin or a brooch. Ring-pins or penannular brooches are characteristically viking.

Grave evidence suggests that cloaks were generally pinned on the right shoulder, so leaving the right arm free [GRAHAM-CAMPBELL 1980: p.30]. This is largely supported by illustrated manuscripts.

How to make a cloak

There are a number of designs, but by far the most easy to produce and versatile form is a simple rectangle of washed, felted wool, the entire width of the fabric by as much (or a little less) in length with another layer of softer wool and, if your budget can stretch to this, an additional layer of linen sandwiched between the two which will make it windproof. The “outer layer” is then folded over all around the edge and stitched using herring bone stitch through all the layers.

Cloak making.JPG