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We advise all members to avoid obvious modern makeup at shows whenever you are in kit. This includes (but is not limited to): modern lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascara, foundation, modern eyeliners, facepaints, glitter tattoos, and henna.

Excluded: makeup worn for medical necessity (eg hiding scars or facial birthmarks that would cause distress to you to be uncovered, camouflaging vitiligo: if this is not obviously visible, fine, if you know that your camouflage will be very visible please discuss it with the authenticity team before you come to a show: this is to ensure we don’t pull you up on your medical makeup when it’s legitimately needed.) Also excluded: high factor sunscreen BUT please help us by using white/clear sunscreen wherever possible, as some of the coloured/stick ones are very obvious even from a distance.

What can’t be removed (gel nails/tattoos, permanent eyebrow or facial tattoos ) should be covered or disguised: again use common sense.

It is likely that embellishment of appearance was used by Viking age women, there is some evidence as has been discussed, but we do not want to see modern makeup in the LHE. If you want to keep your full face makeup on during shows you can become a valuable member of the Marshalling team, Publicity team, or other roles that don’t involve full costume.