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D.A.R.F stands for the Dark Age Relief Fund, its our very own self-help group, and we, as a Society, are unique in the re-enactment world in having such a thing.

DARF was originally started in 1996 when the daughter of one of our members was involved in a serious road accident and was in a coma for several days. When she recovered, she required personal tuition at home whilst she recovered from a head injury - her local authority wouldn't pay for it, so members of the Society put their hands in their pockets and came up with the tuition fees.

DARF is now maintained to lend a hand, both to members of our Society and to people we work with regularly and know well, when they have problems.

It may be as little as a Get Well Soon card but has also helped out with long term illnesses and bereavements and cash is always available at every major event so that anyone needing a trip to hospital can be sure of a taxi fare when they need one.

The main source of funds are raffles run once or twice a year, with prizes donated by our members and friendly traders, but money has also come from sponsored chain mail jogs, head shaves, auctions..... If you are asked to buy a raffle ticket, please do so - it could be you in hospital one day.

If you would like to do something to raise money for DARF please let one of us know, and we will do what we can to help you.

D.A.R.F is run by Sandie Gillbanks (sandiegillbanks[at]btinternet.com) with help from Georgia White, Stacy Green (eustacia[at]btopenworld.com), Emma-Jane Evans, Sandra Orchard admin[at]vikingsonline.org.uk and Charlotte Sayer. Some people say Sandie is always harassing people for money (she says its just politely asking) So when you are asked, be it by Sandie, Georgia, Stacy, EJ, Sandra Charlotte or their appointee – please stop and give her them change (or notes)

Thank you for all your donations,


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     Please don’t try and use these without asking, they belong to DARF and its quite nice to have something a bit special!  

DARF Guidelines 2018

As you know DARF does its best to help when folks need it (provided we are told). Everyone is really generous but the pot, sadly, has a bottom - and we need to ensure that we have an emergency reserve in the bank. For those we do help, unless you say something, no-one knows you have been helped. All cash is raised in house and we often hold raffles etc to raise further cash, any prizes are much appreciated as are funds give to collections.

Recently we have had a number of requests to sponsor members or their families to raise cash for various very good causes. This is not what DARF was established to do, and we will not agree to such requests or allow such appeals to be more widely advertised using the DARF name.

We know people get injured at shows, have other crises which may need some help, and we want to continue to give that help, although we may not give as much as folks would like, and sometimes we have to say no, sorry, the pot can't keep paying out to you.

With that in mind we have decided that we need guidelines to help everyone (and us) to make sure that the money we have is put to best use.

  1. DARF will only be used to support members of The Vikings - not extended family and friends.
  2. Applications for support from DARF should normally come from a third party who is also a member of The Vikings - friend, group leader, first aider etc. We will also consider an application from a family member but would probably ask for further details from a third party before making a sizeable award. If we are ask to support a large project, for example a room being adapted for special use or supplying a private tutor during an extended period of hospitalisation, we may ask for independent confirmation from a qualified specialist involved in the case that the request is necessary and appropriate to the member's situation. Benefit from DARF funds is a privilege and not a right, therefore there is a possibility of a request being declined.
  3. We regret that we are unable to use DARF funds to sponsor charities on behalf of members taking part in various events.
  4. In order to help ensure that cash is sent to the right areas, any larger requests will be considered by Pete James, Georgia White,Stacy Green, Charlotte Sayer, Sandra Orchard, Emma Jane Evans and Sandie Gillbanks. Whilst this may affect the flexibility DARF has at present, it does mean that the decision has not been made by one person alone.
  5. We are unable to directly instigate crowdfunding, or give permission for crowdfunding, but may be able to support financially, in a small way, such requests.

Downloadable version available here

Georgia, Sandie, Pete, Stacy, Sandra, Charlotte and EJ - DARF