Draum broedr

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Founded late in 1994 by 12 members of Tyrslith, Leicester:

  Andy and Heidi Yorke
  Stan and Becky Zurek
  Darren Sibson
  Adele Burdock
  Mick Sprason
  Kelly-Ann Smith
  Dave Worsdall
  Jon Finch
  Kevin Spafford
  Kelly Greaves

Dave Smith had also left Tyrslith about the same time and founded Vara Tuatha, based in Brackley.

These members ran the Group for 10 years acquiring students from Leicester University over that time, some other ex-Tyrslith members and the occasional other member of the public. We spawned Sveinshavn when Dave Hubble moved to the south coast.

By 2004, the tenth anniversary of the group and its well attended party at Hastings with the maypole and huge fire, the twelve original members had dwindled to just: Stan and Becky, Darren, Mick, Kelly-Ann and Jon. Jon was living in Lancashire at the time but visiting training when he could.

The Group split acrimoniously during its 2005 AGM with those named above (plus others) founding Myrkulf. The majority of the students stayed with Draum, now led by Tony Linthwaite. Draum, under Tony's guidance, finally left the Society in around 2010 to create Crusade, which has grown through University students affiliations across the country.