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We are a Viking and Saxon re-enactment group based in St Albans, Hertfordshire. We aim to portray life in our period from early 9th Century to mid 11th Century. The group name (pronounced Ick - Thur - Near) means "Oak Thorny" and takes its inspiration from the Viking stag who stood upon the roof of Odin's hall Valhalla. The waters which flow from his antlers feed all the world's rivers. Our shield colours are a yellow cross on a blue background which is the flag of St Albans and also Mercia, the white antlers on top represent both Hertfordshire and Eikthyrnir.

The group was founded in September 2019 and we currently have a small but dedicated membership, which is growing all the time. We currently have group meetings once a month and training every thursday evening.

Eikthyrnir Group.jpg

Shield design:

Eikthyrnir Shield Design.jpg

Group Officers

The group consists of a committee of people in the following roles:

Group Jarl - Becca Bradford

Group Treasurer - Sally O'Neill

Group Training Officer - Dan Hooley-Jones & Becca Bradford

Authenticity Officers - Andrew Crofts & Chris Martin-Taylor

Group Living History Officer - Becky Crofts

There are other important roles in the group:

Group Missiles Officer - Cristina Duplock

Group Logistics Officer - Chris Martin-Tatlor

Health & Safety/Group First Aider - Becca Bradford

Group Equalities Officers - Andrew Crofts & Cristina Duplock

Group Social Media - Cristina Duplock

Social Media

Facebook: Eikthyrnir Hertfordshire Viking Reenactment - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1291128514421013/

Twitter: Eikthyrnir Harts Viking - @EikthyrnirHarts

Instagram: Eikthyrnir Harts Viking - @eikthyrnir

TikTok: @eikthyrnirharts

Contact Us

We train on Saturdays twice a month and every Thursday evening (subject to change when there is an event). If you are in the area and would like to join our group then contact us for more details on any of the social media platforms or email us at: