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This list describes the MINIMUM requirements for the first aid kit which is required to be held by each society group. The kit is required to be at any event attended by the group. The items should be secured in a seal-able container which MUST be easily spotted as a first aid kit (white cross on green background). If you are in LHE then this can be placed in a bag that also has the white cross on a green background. The kit must be regularly checked to ensure that the contents are complete and still in date. Any sterile items which are found to be out of date are to be immediately discarded and replaced.

First Aid Kit Contents
Description Quantity
Contents Sheet (printout of this) 1
Society Incident Reporting Book 1
Cutters for Maille removal (Aviation Snips, bolt cutters or similar) 1
Assorted Plasters (Inc Blue for LHE) 20
Individually Wrapped Antiseptic Wipes 10
Lint-Free Non-Woven Swabs 5
Disposable Examination Gloves (Pair) 5
Triangular Bandage 3
Eye Pad with Bandage 3
Sterile Dressing – Medium 3
Sterile Dressing - Large 2
Disposable Emergency Blanket 1
Clinical Waste Bag (Small) 5
Conforming Bandage/Crepe 5cm x 4m 2
Tuff-kut Scissors 1
Resuscitation Aid 1
Sterile non-adherent Dressing - 5cm 2
Dressing Retention Sheet (or extra tape) 1
Burn Dressing (or Lotion) 1
Instant Cold Compress 3
Hypo-Allergenic Tape 2
Wound Wash (5 x 20ml saline Phials min) 1
Steri-Strips (come in packs of 5) 1
White Open Weave Bandages 2.5 x 500cm 2
Conforming Bandages 7.5 x 400cm 3

In the event that a wound requires ANY medical attention, an Incident Report Form MUST be completed and submitted to the Society Health & Safety Officer at the earliest opportunity. It is recommended that the box be fitted with a plas-lok (breakable lock like on fire extinguishers). This will then easily tell you if the kit has been used, so you know when to re-stock the kit.

The following kit is close to the requirements, just needs a few more items adding: