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The group officers/thegns help run your group. There is always a group leader and generally also a treasurer, unless your group operates without a bank account i.e. is deemed to be "CASHLESS". Additional officers should be appointed according to the group needs e.g. a Combat Training Officers when the group has sufficient warriors requiring training. Group Thegns should always work with the appropriate Society Officer and work towards becoming a Recognised Training Thegn (or equivalent) in their area of responsibility.

Acting as a Group Officer for or more years may earn you a Drengr point, with the possibility of a SIlver Thegn award if you remain in post for over 2 years.

Officers commonly elected by a Group

  • Group Leader
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Authenticity
  • Combat Training
  • Village Coordination
  • Acting
  • Logistics

however large Groups may have other needs and are free to decide on their own compliment of Officers.

If a post is vacant, it is deemed to be filled by the Group Leader should someone need to take responsibility in that area.