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  • Aniron

This is a font used in the end credits in "The Lord of the Rings".

Free for personal use

"A decent enough half uncial, if you want a fifth and sixth century book script, re-used in seventh century Northumbria."

-- Benedict Coffin

  • Insula

This font is based on post-roman insular latin writing.

Free for commercial use

"Probably better [for websites than Aniron]."

-- Benedict Coffin

  • Pfeffer-Mediaeval

Pfeffer Mediæval is the idealised image of a Carolingian minuscule, the script of Charlemagne, on which our modern Antiqua has been modelled.

Free for personal use

"A very good Caroline miniscule, which is the main basis for later Anglo-Saxon script. Strictly speaking you should be using Anglo-Caroline miniscule for Latin and late Anglo-Saxon miniscule for the vernacular, but I'm sure we can let you off. :-)"

-- Benedict Coffin