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Authenticity in hairstyles requires a bit of common sense and good judgement. Hair, unlike clothing, can't be changed just for a weekend. Therefore attempting to require strict authenticity in hairstyles would be a little excessive. Although there are some hairstyles that we know would be correct (eg the universal clerical tonsure or the distinctive Norman short back), it does not seem reasonable to require them.

However, at the other end of the scale, it is not acceptable to have an obviously modern hairstyle. For example, hair that is dyed brightly in obviously modern colours, or obviously modern haircuts should be kept covered up.

Logo.gif Obviously modern hairstyles

  • Any member of the Vikings Society is asked to cover up any obviously (i.e. luridly coloured) modern hairstyles while they are in authentic kit.

This will require a degree of common sense and judgement. As a rule of thumb, if it looks obviously modern and out of place, please cover it up. Wimples, hats and hoods hide a multitude of sins.

If in doubt, the authenticity team is always available to assist and advise.