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Hammer Horde was formed at Yuletide of 2017 by musician and huscarl, Hrafn Rikardson and his wife Elska Njalsdottir.

Hrafn, Elska and their two sons Alfred and Rowan at Vikefest 2022

We are a combat and living history group based in Sheffield, representing the city and wider South Yorkshire. Our shields bear the hammers of a smith, a mark of respect to the steel industry and all that it meant to the good folks of our region. Our purpose is to re-enact the age of the Vikings and Anglo Saxons.

A family friendly collection of warriors and crafters, we are very keen to encourage new members from our area.

Glothi Gyrthson in combat at Crayke, 2018
Sigrun, Elska and Alfred at Flag Fen 2018
Hrafn and Glothi in the Living History camp at Carham, 2018
Hammer Horde practising their shield wall with a visiting spearman from Ydalir.

Hammer Horde meets for training and crafting every other Sunday from 6.30-8.30PM at Gleedless Scout Hut, Sheffield. We welcome guests from other groups and new prospective members.

The group leader can be contacted at hrafn_rikardson@hotmail.com