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herlid shield design

Group Description:

Herlið are Cumbria's premier Dark Age Re-enactment group and a part of The Vikings Society. We regularly put on combat and living history displays in Cumbria and nationwide. The group was started in 2007, after coming back from mega hastings in 2006, being officially founded in 2008. From there the group has grown in strength to include more warriors, more experience, more crafting and LHE and continues to grow to this day.

Herlid carry out combat training every other Tuesday at Cleator village hall with combat, archery and craft once a month, and occasionally a day at Mooreforge viking settlement near maryport.

Herlid vikings mainly Focus on the hiberno-norse sttlers in western cumbria following the Norse exodus from Dublin. although pulling from the viking history in the modern day area of Cumbria, they may also choose to portray anglo-saxon northumbrians, strathclyde, norwegian vikings, danish vikings, local cumbrians loyal to king dunmail.

Notable Viking finds in Cumbria:

  • Cumwhitton graves, gosforth cross, Urswick smelter residues, penrith thistle brooch, hogbacks, loki stone, furness horde(arabic dirhams),

Story of Herlid

The Walls had fallen, the gates broken, the city was burning. Blood splattered warriors emerge from the smoke, bloodied with battle wounds.

Our Lord and twelve mail clad heroes, all that remained of his hearth guard, board the long-ship Herlið. Spears and arrows clashed into the deck boards, shields held high over the rowers, the Herlið pulled away from the jetty. They hear the jeers of their enemies as they row away. Our Lord stares back, his eyes dead, his face like thunder.

The smoke from the fire disappeared over the horizon. Our Lord turns to his men. "I swear by all the gods that I will return to these lands, retake my lands, slaughter my enemies, and take vengeance on all those who stood against me."

From the island of Ice to the Francia coast the Herlið sailed, taking from those too weak to keep it, fighting for those who could afford them. Giving no quarter and asking none. Heroes fell on the way, and new heroes joined the crew. The treasure grew larger and larger, for our Lord knew he would need a great Treasure for the army he would need to take back his lands.

Between the rocky mountains and the wild sea lay Coupland. Here at Gosforth he built a Great Hall and, erecting a stone cross to the New God and the Old, to win favour with the Gods for his future adventures and victories.


  • Group LHE Award 2017
  • Herred award

Group officers:

Jarl - Johnathen Everett 'Piglet'
Treasurer - Sean Robinson
Secretary - Catherine Rousell
Battlecaptain - Kristian Mørk
LHE - Dave Case
Shipwright - Sean Robinson
Authenticity officer - Hadyn Gate
Acting -

Groups spawned:

  • Nord Idan
  • Owains Folc (Slaughtered in battle)

link to website: https://www.cumbriavikings.org.uk/

Shield Design:


In Memorandum:

  • Steve 'Bam Bam' Southward

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