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Once a show is over the automatic desire is to break camp quickly, pack and get on the way home as soon as possible. Whilst this is only natural there are several things that we must do as part of that process and which require mention. Most of us will do these without thinking.

First note that when bringing vehicles onto the LHE site take due regard of everyone else as thoughtless parking might allow you to pack easily but might prevent others from getting to their camp. Drive slowly whilst on site as lots of people will be trying to break camp at the same time and accidents can and do happen.

If you have had a fire then you should try to allow the fire to go out or be put out well before breaking camp in order to give metalwork etc. time to cool down before packing. Failure to do this can result in personal injury or at the least a few scorch marks on car carpets.

The fire once out should have ashes deposited in the place designated by the show info. What and where this is will be advised by the Special Event Liaison Officer, although it would be unusual if the show LHE co-ordinator did not know.

Firewood, spare turf, and unused sand should be returned to the respective stockpiles that they were obtained from. If a firepit has been allowed the pit should be filled in as appropriate ; returning any rocks used to line it back to where they were obtained. Note that similar to metalwork, rocks around fires get very hot and will retain their heat for hours. Avoid applying water to hot stones due to the risk of them exploding. Make sure they are cool enough to handle to avoid personal injury. Fill the pit to just about level then replace the turf removed when you first dug the pit. Finally water the turf to keep it alive.

Any spare water can usually be tipped out on site ; over the ground previously covered by your tent will help grass that has been starved of light and water for the duration of the show, or else where the fire box was located. Don’t tip out water until you have folded tents as invariably you will end up trying to fold them up on wet ground. Refuse should be put into black rubbish bags. These are sometimes provided by show organisers, but it is strongly suggested that you keep a stock of them in your general LHE kit. Rubbish bags should be taken to the central rubbish point, which is usually a skip somewhere within the show site.

Do not leave rubbish bags lying around the LHE site as invariably someone else from the Vikings will end up having to move your rubbish for you ; and if this happens it will be noted. The Society keeps a record of who camped where at events. This has at times been an issue within the Society.


Anyone who persistently leaves rubbish on site may be fined by the Konungr or else banned from the LHE altogether.

After disposing of fire, water and rubbish, and packing down all of your equipment and loading it into vehicles, spend a couple of minutes looking around your camp site checking that nothing has been left.

If you are one of the last to leave ensure that nothing else has been left, even if it isn’t yours. Make sure that the camp site is left tidy, even if you have to move other people’s wood, turf, sand and/or rubbish. And finally shut the gate after you as you depart.