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Acceptable anachronisms

The Vikings Society provides re-enactment events rather than re-living the early medieval period. Practicality demands that authenticity makes some compromises. Examples of acceptable anachronisms include:

  • things that can’t be seen – the normal rule should be “if you can’t see it, it must be authentic”. If something is meant to be on display, it should be authentic. If it can't be seen, we will assume it is authentic.
  • mandatory helmet and gloves for combatants – these are required safety features. Helmets were certainly worn by warriors, though not by everybody on a battlefield. There is no evidence for combatants wearing gloves, but are an important safety item.
  • blunted weapons – these are not authentic, but then we are re-enacting battles rather than actually re-fighting them.
  • hobnails in shoes – these are, strictly speaking, not authentic, but they are permitted for safety reasons (skidding in the middle of a melee isn’t a good idea!).
  • emergencies – we don’t expect medics to change back into modern kit before they open up a (modern) first aid kit. In an ideal world we would prefer not to have this obviously in public view, but urgent care takes priority. The same applies to using (modern) fire extinguishers etc.