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One of the most common issues that arises within the LHE is the level of acceptable noise within the village. This is not usually an issue during shows but relevant to overnight camping and associated revelries.

The problem is quite simple in that some people want a quiet life whilst others see a Viking show as an opportunity to have a party. Obviously there must be some give and take on both sides, but noise levels are very subjective and therefore it is difficult to set definitive standards and police them.

This has been a problem within the Society since it started, even before there was a LHE village the problem existed within the then only ‘plastic’ camp. It is unlikely that the problem will simply go away so we require a basic concept of how to mitigate any individual instance which might arise.

The basic intention at any show is that an area should designated away from both the LHE and the plastic camp where the Society fire box will be set up and any merry making should be confined to this site. At some shows this is not practical but where a Society fire box is established there should not be any reason for loud gatherings within the LHE after midnight.

In other circumstances, where there is no Society firebox, the intention is to establish a LHE encampment with a quiet end and a noisy end. The show LHE co-ordinator should designate the various ‘ends’ taking account of the local geography. Where practical the noisy end should be close to the route into camp to and from the local pubs. Therefore when setting up camp if you are likely to have a party or are not bothered by noisy neighbours you should camp at the noisy end ; if you want to retire early or simply like camping in a quiet area then you should camp at the quiet end. Learn who not to camp next to, or let the LHE co-ordinator know of any personal issues which might affect your location within the village.

This will not in itself cure the problem because many LHE camps are too small to afford enough separation between the quiet and noisy ends to fully control matters, and it can be considered that the LHE village is in fact the obvious place for camp fires as we already have hearths and supplies of firewood.

We therefore need a healthy amount of respect for others’ wishes, and try to keep any noise to a minimum as the night progresses. That said a certain amount of late night noise should be expected, especially at larger shows. Remember that if you are noisy and keep people awake late at night, then those who get up early will no doubt get their own back by making noise of their own when you have a hangover and are trying to sleep late.

In any case there is no excuse for rowdy behaviour. Sitting around a camp fire talking and singing is one thing but shouting and offensive behaviour is quite another.


Any person or group of persons who persist in unnecessary shouting and/or offensive behaviour may, after a warning by any Society Officers, be banned from the LHE site by the Society LHE Co-ordinator or a Society High Council Officer. Appeal is allowed to the Konungr but any ban will remain in force until such time as the appeal is heard.