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Ordgar, which means ‘Spear point’ in Ænglisc (Old English) is the nickname given to Eolderman Edmund Sprow who owns the land known as Sprowestuna-tun to the north of Norwic in the Kingdom of the East Angles. (The Saxon name for Sprowston which lies to the north of Norwich.) Sprow is now a very pious man so you will never find him with us when we travel. He chooses to spend his time praying or reading scripture at home, or on pilgrimage, often to the nearby Saint Edmundsbury.

The Ordgar Shield Design



Membership of Ordgar is made up of people from Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire and we are growing in numbers every year. We are a very friendly and inclusive group and welcome everyone to join us. We train the first Sunday of each month unless at a show you can contact us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com › OrdgarHerred or our website https://ordgar.co.uk

Ordgar is run by a Sturaesman and other Witan members

  • Sturaesman (group leader) : Andy Clements
  • Group Secretary : Sue Clements
  • Group Logistics Officer : Andy Clements
  • Group Treasurer : Dave Cassell
  • Group Authenticity Officers : Joolz Bailey and Tom Betts
  • RTT-Vs. : Joolz Bailey and Andy Dixon
  • Group First Aid Officer : Alex Bond
  • Group Combat Training Officers : Alan Edwards and Rob Burton
  • Missiles training officers : Dave Cassell and Matt Hamill
  • Other Witan Members : Sarah Cassell and Jackie Bush
  • Group Health and Safety Officer : Joolz Bailey
  • Society Reginal events co-ordinator : Joolz Bailey
  • Group acting officer : Alfie Redmond
  • Group publicity officer : Tom Betts

Living History

We portray both Vikings and Saxons depending on the show we attend and we have a broad spectrum of Living History crafts being demonstrated such as tablet weavers, naalbinders, dyers and seamstresses, leather workers, basket makers, spoon whittlers and hnefatafl players. Our warriors will happily show you their weaponry and talk about combat.

Ordgar enjoying social camp 2023

IMG 7796.png

Some of the Ordgar members at a show in 2017


Some of the Ordgar warriors on the battlefield at Hastings 2016


Ordgar were honoured to be invited to Norway in 2017 and we travelled 2200 miles in two weeks with other members of The Viking Society, re-enacting at the Viking Village at Bukkoy, Avaldsnes. We visited many Viking museums and sites in Norway, Denmark and Germany on the way home.

Gunnar emerging from the long house


The Norway Contingent - 2017



Ordgar were awarded their Herred status at the Society Banquet in February 2016. Other awards that we are proud to have won are:-

Best Living History Group Award for 2015


George Hay Award for Best Group in 2016


Group LHE Award

  • 2017