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Where to find your nearest REC

REC Areas.jpg
REC Email Address Groups
Gail Bowden gail.bowden[at] Galloway Longfhada, Glasgow Vikings
Steven Lines jarl[at] Acle, Amounderness, Dunholm, Hammer Hoard, Herlid, Hrafnsdale, Ithavoll, Jormungandr, Northumbria, Ormsheim, Ulfhednar, Vanaheim, Volsung
Ian Grant fr.grant[at] Blaeddau Du, Cwmwd Ial, Saefern Farmadr, Vikings of Mann
Stacy Green[at] Ardenweard, Dahrg de Belne, Danelaw, Lethrhals, Midgard, Mjolnir, Raudr Vagr, Y'Ddraig, Ydalir
Julie Pope mkjewelly[at] Hwicce, Ordgar, Ousekjarr, Wryngwyrm
Tony Thorpe tonys.thorpe[at] Fafnirs Bane, Hildsvin, Hrafnslith, Manaraefan, Morvleydh, Ulfhedinn, Westencynn
Joe Russell j.russell1066[at] Ulfhrafnar
Paul Jennings ruffjoferson[at] Temesvike, Valhalla
Jane Richardson janieviking52[at] Arnvid Husstand, Caent, Gesithas, Niflheim, Saebert's Folc, Spears of Andred, Sveinshavn, Wihthraefnas

If you have any questions about the above or wish to ask a question about an event that is not relating to one of the groups, or you wish to book a Society Major Event or any other event that falls outside of the remit of the Regional Events Coordinators, please contact Tony Thorpe, Society Special Events Coordinator at events[at]