Remembrance Ceremony

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1. The Konungr will make a short introduction and explain briefly what responses are required from those assembled to remember the fallen.

2. After reading the following words and the names of the fallen there will be a minutes silence at the end of which the Konungr will raise their sword and call out “Vikingr”, those present will copy the Konungr's actions and call of “Vikingr”.

3. The Konungr will then say the following words:

Always among us are the Valkyr

Choosing as they are bidden

For Odin’s Mighty Host

Warriors brave.

Age does not hinder them

For while the body ages

Burns forever bright

The Viking spirit.

Thus ever stronger grow the Einherjar

While we that remain

Remember those who

Have gone before us

“Now! Remember our companions who have been called to Odin’s Host since last we met -