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Where to find your nearest Regional Event Coordinator

RECs current 20240318-1.png
REC Email Address Groups
Gail Bowden Galloway Longfhada, Glasgow Vikings
Steven Lines Amounderness, Danum Vikings, Dunholm, Hammer Hoard, Herlid, Hrafnsdale, Jormungandr, Nidhoggr, Nord Idan, Nord Vindr, Northumbria, Ormsheim, Ulfhednar, Vanaheim, Volsung
Ian Grant Blaeddau Du, Cwmwd Ial, Vikings of Mann
Stacy Green Ardenweard, Dahrg de Belne, Danelaw, Hrutar Lid, Krigsvin, Midgard, Raudr Vagr, Y'Ddraig, Ydalir
Andy Clements Hwicce, Ordgar, Ousekjarr, Wryngwyrm
John Fletcher Fafnirs Bane, Hildsvin, Hrafnslith, Manaraefan, Morvleydh, Ulfhedinn, Westencynn
Joe Russell Eikthyrnir, Ulfhrafnar
Paul Jennings Niflheim, Valhalla
Jane Richardson Caent, Midgardsormr, Spears of Andred, Sveinshavn, Wihthraefnas

If you have any questions about the above or wish to ask a question about an event that is not relating to one of the groups, or you wish to book a Society Major Event or any other event that falls outside of the remit of the Regional Events Coordinators, please contact Gail Bowden, Society Events Coordinator at events[at]