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If you wish to become a School Visitor

In order to ensure that we are providing schools with visitors who will be able to run a safe, interesting and historically accurate event, all prospective school visitors should meet the following criteria:

1. Competent to lead the visit

  • Will Either have shadowed an existing school visitor by attending one/two visits with them
  • Or, will provide one or two references/evaluations to demonstrate their competence to deliver school visits
  • Or has some prior teaching or training experience

2. Aware of Health and Safety and Child Protection and Safeguarding procedures

  • Will have a current DBS (England/Wales) or PVG (Scotland)
  • Will agree to complete a Risk Assessment for every visit carried out on behalf of the society
  • Confirms they have read the society H&S and CP&S policies and procedures

3. Able to present an historically accurate and informed experience

  • Has had a society kit check for each period they wish to represent. E.g. If they wish to lead a visit on Early Saxons, they should have a kit check for that period.
  • Either has a Society Basic History test OR has reached Drengr level.

Read School Visitor Criteria for more details.

The role of the School Visitor

For more details about the role of the school visitor, how to book events and make contributions to the society where needed, see School Visitor's Handbook

Safeguarding for School Visitors

School visitors interact with children in a very different way to our public events. It is crucial that all school visitors have thought through how their activities in school will safeguard the children they are working with.

Safeguarding for School Visitors


Most schools do not hold PLI so if you have been assuming that the school will cover you should there be an incident, you were wrong. The Society’s PLI will cover you provided

a. You are a paid up member of The Vikings

b. The event is pre-booked with us

c. You are DBS checked and registered with the Education and Safeguarding Officer, Cathy Murphy, email: schools[at]

d. The show is run according to the Constitution and H&S rules.

e. The Society receives a 10% or £25 fee, whichever is the lower, as with all events.