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The Society provides a (small) number of email accounts to its officers, so they can send -- and receive -- emails on the Society's behalf.


1) All email accounts "at VikingsOnline" and their contents belong to the Society: if you're hit by the proverbial bus, or catch a bad case of the lurgy, someone will open the account and will read all the emails. If it's personal, use your personal email account;

2) Officers should feel free to share their email account & password with whatever assistants, deputies, and holiday-cover they feel appropriate. Think about sub-folders: the IT Team tend to use one folder per issue, with the name of the person responsible e.g. \Inbox\bouncing-emails [Steve]; and

3) Any emails you send from an official email account come from the Society. Please speak wisely, and think before you do!


You can send and receive email via your PC (IMAP) or online (webmail). If you just want to forward mails to your current favourite account, the simplest thing to do is to open webmail (, go to Settings by clicking on the 3 line icon on the top right hand corner -> Settings -> Email -> Auto Forward.

Please remember, however, that you will have to go back into webmail if you want to answer using that address.