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Western Viking and Eastern Viking need to be linked correctly. At the moment Western Viking link to Viking and Eastern Viking is not a hyperlink, this should either be re-named or link to Rus 22/06/2016 Jeppe Christensen

The main "viking" category is the Norwegian/Danish/Anglo-Danish presentation that's "standard" in the society, and is what's sometimes referred to as "western viking" to distinguish it from other types, so this link is not incorrect. The "eastern viking" heading is a deliberate distinction from full blown Rus, so linking it to Rus would be incorrect, while there is no "eastern viking" category to link to. Feel free to tag any articles that already exist and should be in an "eastern viking" category, and create any others, and to then turn this into a functioning link. +Wiglaf (talk) 10:11, 10 July 2016 (BST)

"If in doubt, any questions or doubts about the suitability of a second set of kit should be raised with the authenti-team well before the assessment!" this advise is bad, and should be changed to "...before commencing buying material and constructing the kit." 22/06/2016 Jeppe Christensen

I disagree. The authenti team, which here implies the approximately 12 CATs, cannot advise every member on every bit of kit they make, buying material and making kit can/should be guided by group AOs/leaders, experienced members, and guidance. I don't think this statement is about materials and construction, but checking that the second set of kit is sufficiently different from the first to qualify for the drengr point, and/or is for an acceptable non-core timeline or culture. That said, I'd agree that the meaning could be made clearer. I believe this is taken more or less verbatim from the society authenticity handbook, so input from Benedict is probably required. +Wiglaf (talk) 10:11, 10 July 2016 (BST)