The High Council Award of Merit

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  • 2017 Julia Kuivenhoven (Northumbria) Mark Bonner (Ormshiem)
  • 2018 Greg Collier (Lethrals) Felicity Kirkham (Danelaw) Michelle Stoklasa (Ulfheddin)
  • 2019 Mark Bagley (Spears of Andred) Ashley Butterworth (Gesithas ) Alix Copper (Ousekjarr) Emma Jane Evans (Ousekjarr) Hazel Muddle (Spears of Andred) Georgia White (Hwicce) Gareth Lawrence, (Spears of Andred) Thomas Wright (Provincial)
  • 2021 Aaron Martin (Ordgar)
  • 2022 Andy Dixon (Ordgar)