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Introducing the Thegns’ Code

What is it?

The Thegns Code is a collection of 15 common sense ways Society Thegns should behave when carrying out their duties. The Code is the standard by which all Society Thegns will be expected to abide. However, we hope that group level Thegns will also see it as a good thing to aim for. It is essentially a ‘good manners’ guide. All members are bound by the General Membership rules which, amongst other things, require all members to follow instructions from society officials and abide by society authenticity and H&S rules.

Why do we need it?

In our Rules, we require all members to follow the instructions of a Society Thegn. The Thegns' Code is a framework for all Heads of Department to judge whether Thegns are carrying out their duties in a courteous way.

How was the Thegns’ Code developed?

Many people have been involved in the development of the Thegns’ Code. Two representative thegns from six of our departments who most often might need to have sensitive conversations with members were invited to an online discussion about the content of the Thegns’ Code. The group consisted of combat thegns (RTTc), village thegns (RTTv), missiles thengs (RTTm), authenticity thegns (CAT), Internal Comms and armoury thegns

What next?

The Thegns’ Code will be shared with new society thegns when they begin their roles. New Society Thegns must complete the Thegn's Code Quiz as they prepare to start their role. The quiz is a light hearted way to ensure that society thegns have read and understood the code. Thegns' may take the quiz as many times as they wish to get their best score.
If anyone feels that a Thegn is not living up to the code they should take the following actions:

  • Speak to their group leader about the issue
  • With the support of their group leader, speak to the Thegn's Head of Department
  • If they feel the issue is not resolved, speak, with the support of their group leader, to the Group Jarl Representative on the High Council
  • If the issue is still not resolved, bring the issue to the attention of the Konungr.

Whenever a breach of the Thegns' code is reported, the name of the thegn, the person reporting the breach and the action taken are confidentially recorded. The Head of Department is responsible for making the record.

The Thegns’ Code

We are Thegns because:

We want to help and support other members of the Society to learn and enjoy our hobby. When we carry out our duties we are representing the Society.

As Thegns, we agree that we will:

1. Apply the rules and standards equally to all members, showing no fear or favour.

2. Be respectful and friendly, remembering we were all new once, and treat members as we ourselves would like to be treated.

3. Act quickly and decisively if we think there is a risk to safety or a potential danger. We will highlight the danger straight away and act to keep Society members and the public safe.

4. Take more time if an issue is not safety critical. We will agree a time to talk about the issue which suits those involved.

5. Introduce ourselves, or ask another Thegn to introduce us, if we do not know the member we need to talk to.

6. Assume that the person we are speaking to may know something we don’t. Approach all conversations with a desire to learn, and inform.

7. We will ask whether the member has already had a conversation with another thegn about the item or behaviour. If they have, we will discuss it with that thegn or their Head of Department first.

8. Treat each member as an individual, who might have different needs, and endeavor to provide them with the knowledge and understanding to achieve the relevant standard.

9. Give all feedback privately (away from the public etc), at a mutually agreed time providing clear and helpful next steps. If we are giving feedback to a group, we will check all group members are happy to receive feedback together.

10. NEVER have a contentious conversation when either party have been drinking alcohol or when judgement might be otherwise impaired.

When we are not at an event, we will:

11. Do our best top respond in a timely manner, if people get in touch with us by phone or email.

12. Try to balance the benefits of speaking with people face to face, with the need to act quickly.

If there is a problem we will:

13. Ask another Thegn to accompany us or someone else to have the conversation, if we believe there might be a potential personal conflict with another Society member.

14. Go to our Head of Department or a deputy, If someone does not respond well or we need more support.

15. If we disagree with another thegn, we will talk to them in private and if necessary we will speak to our Head of Department about it. We will not discuss the issue with other people.