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A thingy is an example item used to demonstrate stuff. Or something.


I'm sure thingies exist.


Someone dug one up somewhere once, or maybe several times.


There's a picture and here are some links and things like that.


It turns out there are round thingies and square thingies - who knew there could be more than one type of thingy?

Round thingies

Thingies found in one area are all round

Square thingies

Thingies found in another area are all square


Like it says in evidence all the finds are alongside coins from after 850, and a lawcode of Cnut bans them, so thingies can be used at shows with datelines from roughly 850 to 1016.


Thingies are expensive, so you have to be higher status to have them.


All the finds and evidence and stuff is from England, like it says above, so only Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Danish characters should be using them. Rus vikings really mustn't be caught with a thingy.


While thingies are higher status, just what you make your thingy out of will depend on individual wealth. A king or ealdorman's thingy could be made of silk or gold and stuff; a thegns could be silver or pretty embroidered wool or linen


Make yourself a thingy by following the numbered steps:

  1. get thingy components
  2. do stuff with them
  3. make a thingy
  4. well done, you have a new thingy


Your thingy should be decorated in an Anglo-Saxon style using techniques for its material (stamped/embroidered/whatever)