Weaving patterned bands

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Look at your tablets from the top. You can flip them about a vertical axis so that the warp threads enter the tablet from either the left or the right. If the tablet lies so that the thread follows the diagonal of the letter S, it is said to be "S threaded". Flip it, and the thread follows the diagonal of the letter Z: hence this orientation is called "Z threaded". See Figure 5.

If you flip the tablet and then continue weaving, it will twist its warp threads in the opposite direction. This will change the way the threads lie on the surface of the band, and will also reverse the order in which the different warp threads come to the surface. You can use this phenomenon not only to untwist the warp threads, which will become twisted beyond the tablets as you weave, but also to create diagonal patterns on your band.

Threaded tablets.jpg Tablet orientation.jpg

Fig. 5 "S" and "Z" Threaded Tablets (top view) Fig. 6 How to Orient the Tablets for Diagonal Stripes