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Action Warrior Solutions ( AWS) handles media events on behalf of the society. All film, photography and other media work is handled by this group, apart from dealing with newspaper reporters at minor and medium events.


If you are approached by a third party asking you to take part in any such work, please contact a member of AWS as soon as possible. You will still be involved in the work, if you want to be, but we will ensure that Groups are not down-bidding each other for the contract and also that the Society is represented in the best possible light.

Chairperson AWS: Chris Abrams - huscarl1066[at] Tel: +4417557880484

Secretary AWS: Gail Bowden - gail.bowden[at] Tel: +441415 627396 / +447796 414762

Archivist AWS: Sandie Gillbanks – sandiegillbanks[at] +447950 105198 / +441561 360030

If you wish to take part in Society filming, you will have to supply a media CV. Details are here.