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Society filming is handled by a separate group Action Warrior Solutions. We are occasionally contracted to provide costumed extras for film or photography work generally those selected to take part in this will receive expenses for doing so. Members interested in taking part in such event should fill out a Media CV.

  • Once the CV has been filled in, save a copy in your own name e.g. John Smith.doc
  • Send to gailbowden28@gmail.co.uk with your name in the Subject Line of the email.
  • In addition insert 2 pictures on the CV -
  • 1 head and shoulders, no helmet
  • 1 full length

Important – no-one else should be in either shot.

This will be kept on file and you will be contacted should any opportunities arise.

Should any company or individual ask you directly to take part in any film, TV or media work, please contact a member of Action Warrior Solutions (AWS) IMMEDIATELY. Other groups may well have been invited, and we don't want you bidding each other down, and there are legal and insurance issues you may not be aware of.


1. Chris Abrams - Chairperson AWS huscarl1066[at]btinternet 07557880484

2. Gail Bowden - Secretary AWS gailbowden28[at]gmail.co.uk 07796414762

3. Sandie Gillbanks - Archivist AWS sandiegillbanks[at]btinternet.com 07950105198/01561360030