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The Society has many other officers, in addition to those on The High Council who you will get to know over the years, here are a few more you may find useful.

Membership Officer – Julie Blanchard

The Membership Thegn is responsible for maintaining the membership records of the Society, for collecting the annual membership fee and issuing the membership cards. He/she co-ordinates the record keeping of the society and ensures that for every member the information is available as to their membership, rank, test status and show attendance.

email: membership[at]

Provincial Members’ Officer – Alix Cooper

A senior member who has been appointed by the Konungr to represent the views and opinions of those who have Provincial membership and, if necessary, co-ordinate their activities at Society events and represent their interests at the Jarls Meeting.

Armourer - Becca Bradford

The Armourer is responsible for ensuring that weapons used in the Society are both safe and conform to Society Technical Specifications. Works closely with the Authenticity Officer and traders to ensure that weapons being sold by traders are of a suitable quality and prevent the sale of unsafe or inauthentic items. Becca is responsible for the Armoury department, consisting of a team of Armourers including Tom Toogood (2iC) (Westencynn), Tom Miller (Wihthraefnas), Johnny Maguire (Ormsheim), Mike Buckley (Varg) (Hrafnsdale), Christian Cummings (Ormsheim), Druva Sinanan (Provincial), John Jennings (Provincial) and Boon Sim (Hwicce).


Acting Officer – Faith Bonner

Responsible for organising all set piece acting, ensuring any scripts are prepared and for casting all the character roles. They are responsible for training and assessing actors within the Society.

Missiles Officer - Maiken Bagley

The Missiles Officer (Missiles Thegn) is responsible for maintaining the standards and safety of all missile combat within the Society. He/she is personally responsible for training and testing of all Recognised Missiles Training Thegns - RTT(M)s. He/she sets all missile weapon tests and either examines or appoints assessing thegns for these tests. He/she will organise the missile combat events (but not date or venue) at Society Training weekends

The Missiles Thegn appoints the Archery Thegn, Sling Thegn, Javelin Thegn and Crossbow Thegn.

Society Organisational Officer - Gordon Monks

Responsible for organising the ground logistics at show, ensuring that the PA is set up and working, water is available for the water carriers and the arena and muster points are adequately marshalled.

Filming Coordinator - Chris Abrams

Organises filming and photography events, when we are contracted by external agencies to provide costumed personnel.


Horse Thegn - Laura Finch

The Horse Thegn is responsible for maintaining standards and safety in the use of horses within the Society. They set all cavalry tests and either examines or appoints examiners for these tests. They will organise arena cavalry events and training weekends for Society riders.

Laura Finch Laura Cavalry.jpg

Sailing Department Master - Maiken Bagley

He/she is responsible for promoting knowledge and skills related to sailing and navigation within the time period covered by the Vikings, and encourage members to communicate relevant and interesting findings to the Vikings Society as a whole. He/she will arrange sailing events for the members abroad and in Britain.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity Officer - Ryan Brammer

The EOD Officer ensures that all members should have equal opportunities to be trained, to contribute and to participate in the society's activities. They act a point of contact for those who want either advice on how to deal with a subject or how to approach a perceived problem, whether as a member or as a group officer. He/she is responsible for keeping the Society’s Equal Opportunities and Diversity policy up to date by proposing changes when necessary, and to ensure that our policies and procedures follow best practices and the spirit of the legislation.