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All members of the Vikings Society share responsibility for ensuring their weapons meet the society specifications – it is not just the business of the Society’s armoury team. However, some members of the Society do have a more formal role and are here to help everyone to attain the high standards that are essential to the Society's ongoing success.

Who are the armoury team?

Armoury Team - Supervising Thegns (AT-STs)

The Society Armourer has overall responsibility for weapon safety and specifications within the Society. They are responsible for:

  • appointing, managing, monitoring and quality-assuring Armoury Team - Supervising Thegns (AT-STs) and Armoury Team - Assessing Thegns (AT-ATs).
  • advising the Konungr and High Council on matters of weapon saftey and specification.
  • supporting and advising the Society Authenticity Thegn and Combat Training Officer on matters of weapons safety and specification.
  • providing the Society with official weapon specification guidelines.

The Society Armourer has appointed Armoury Team - Supervising Thegns to act as their deputies. This includes two 3ics, one based in the north and one in the south.

The Society Armourer can be contacted on

Armoury Team - Assessing Thegns (AT-ATs)

Armoury Team- Assessing Thegns are appointed by the Society Armourer. They are responsible for:

  • advising members of the Society on weapon safety and specification matters.
  • carrying out weapons safety check prior to battle.
  • supporting the Authenticity and Combat Training Thegns in matters of weapon safety and specifications.

Trainee AT-ATs may carry out the duties of a AT-AT under supervision. If you're interested contact the Society Armourer.

A full list of current AT-ATs can be found on the Assessing Officers [[1]] page.

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