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The 8th Century saw the by-now well established Saxon Kingdoms (Wessex, East Anglia, Northumbria, Mercia) vying for dominance over one another. It was a century where Mercia was ascendant, with Offa of Mercia (he of the famous Dyke) coming to dominate East Anglia and Wessex though he never managed to subdue Northumbria before his death in 796.

Mercian pressure in the early part of the century led Wessex to renew it's expansion Westwards, coming into conflict with the British kingdom of Dumnonia as they did. They pushed into Devon following the death of Geraint, Dumnonias last king, at the battle of Llongborth (Langport in Somerset) in 710. However their expansion seems to have been checked following a British victory at 'Hehil' in 722 with much of the rest of the century dominated by 'Hard Battles against the Wealas (cornish)'.

Still, by the end of the Century much of Devon was in Saxon hands with the newly independent Kingdom of Kernow controlling a sliver of land on the eastern bank of the Tamar and much of Dartmoor and mid Devon forming a contested borderland.

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