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The Vikings recruits its membership from a wide range of people most of whom had an interest in at least one aspect of our hobby before they joined. Some had an interest in history and met us on a visit to a historical sight. Some had an interest in martial arts and fancied trying their hand as a Viking. Some were dragged to a re-enactment by their children. Some are born into The Vikings. Some were wargamers and wanted to get an idea of what standing in a shieldwall really felt like. Some came to The Vikings after first trying live action role-play. My route to the Vikings was history buff, wargamer and live action role-play.

There is a fair amount of similarity between LARP and re-enactment, both dress in funny clothes, both play characters and both devote a lot of time to researching the “authenticity” of their costumes and equipment. The difference is that re-enactors recreate a period of history and LARPers recreate a fantasy created by a modern author.

What Viking Role Playing, or VLARP, tries to do is blend both. The Vikings told tales of heroes slaying dragons and encountering dwarves, elves and trolls, these rules allow those that wish to to be these heroes.

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