Chimney pot helmet

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Photograph showing a "Chimney pot" style helmet

‘Chimney-pot’ helmets were very common among steppe tribes, from the tenth to twelfth centuries. They were used by Turkish military elites in the middle East, as well as being adopted in eastern Europe and by the ‘Rus through the influence of steppe warriors (Magyars/Hungarians and Khazars).

Chimney pot helmets in the Vikings Society

For our purposes, they may therefore only be used by Rus Vikings in shows dated 990-1100. Please check that Rus characters are permitted before bringing a chimney-pot helmet to a show.

Chimney pot helmets

Chimney-pot helmets should have pointy tips (hence the name) and a bobble on the top which may have been used to mount a crest (horsetail or feathers). They may have a wide nasal or, more commonly, no nasal at all. Chimney-pot helmets may have a maille aventail at the back covering the top of the neck.

Examples of helmets from the 'Rus principalities. Old Russian helmets typology 10th-13th.gif