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Expenses are normally paid to members (not guests) by the Society at Major Events, and by the organising group at Medium or Minor shows. Events which do not have an income (banquets, training weekends) do not pay expenses

The rate may vary, subject to the money held by the Society, but the amount is calculated on distance travelled and number of people/large LHE items in the vehicle.

Minibus/van hire is also possible but this must be requested 2 weeks before an event.

  • Expense forms should be collected from the Treasurer or deputy) as soon as is practical after arrival. If they are putting up their tent or eating, please be considerate and come back at a more convenient time. Please sign the register at the same time.
  • Completed forms must be with the Treasurer (or deputy) by 10am on the last day of an event. Forms submitted after this time will not be considered.
  • Monies must be collected between 1-5pm on the last day and it is the members responsibility to find the Treasurer, not visa versa. Monies not collected will be forfeit for that show.
  • Cash payments will be made wherever possible. Only under exceptional circumstances will electronic transfer to a personal or group bank account be arranged.

Standard show expense form

Minibus hire form