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Minor Show

The definition of a minor show is one that your group can handle on its own. You therefore need to know

  • How many arena slots are you committing to, how large is the arena and have you enough qualified warriors to fulfil your commitment that you can count on to be present.
  • How many LHE units are you promising, how many crafts/activities are you expecting to have running in those units. An organiser will not be impressed if you only show a row of closed tents.
  • What additional activities are you promising, and do you have the manpower/equipment to present these. An example of this is KiddieVike, which requires trained warriors, toy swords and shields which will not break, shatter or splinter, an adult to PA and another to organise the distribution and collection of the equipment, and someone to instruct the children on their behaviour in the arena.

If you cannot fulfill the promises you have made, you will have to ask the RECs if you can upgrade the event to a Medium and advertise for other groups to attend.

If you are running a show as a minor, you should only advertise it on the Society website and the Runestaff. You may privately invite other members/groups to attend, but should not widely advertise the event.

Medium Show

A Medium show may require the combined efforts of 2 or 3 neighbouring groups to fulfill the contract, though the host group will be responsible for most of the show organisation. It is sensible to speak to your neighbouring group and ask for help, before committing to a Medium.

If you commit to a Medium, you will be expected to follow the Society guidelines on how to pay expenses to those who attend as detailed here. If you are, for any reason, not going to follow these guidelines, attendees should be warned in advance.

You may advertise a Medium on VMAIL and ask for a Facebook page to be set up for the event.

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