Galloway Longfhada

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Galloway Longfhada shield design, after gaining Herred Status in 2023
The first Galloway Longfhada shield design, bird (Red Kite) in green on a white background

After establishing themselves as the Third Longship of Glasgow Vikings for a few years, Galloway Longfhada set sail as their own group in 2016 - in an actual clinker boat.

Nestling in the shadow of the Criffel where the Nith becomes fordable across the caul, the group has a Hiberno Norse identity. It is also currently researching the elusive history of the British Kingdom of Strathclyde.

They meet on a Wednesday in Heathhall community centre in Dumfries, to train in combat, craft and chat. We also have an online meadhall where members who can't physically gather are able to meet online.

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