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What is a Group

A Group is a local branch of the Society which organises local training sessions and events, whilst also supporting the main Society events. A full list of groups, both current and those now folded but which existed since 1998, is available here. If you are thinking of starting a new group, please avoid using one of these names.

Each Group has a designated shield design so they can be recognised on the battlefield. There are listed on a Shield Register which should be consulted before you choose colours for your own group.

A new group starts as a Bjarkan whilst it recruits members and gets itself organised. To be formally recognised as a Lethang, a group must:

  1. Have six paid up adult members,
  2. Have appointed a Treasurer and set up a bank account (or have registered with the Society’s Treasurer as a group which does not handle its own finances). There is full documentation on Finance available on DocStore.
  3. Have a constitution written, agreed by the initial members, and registered with the Society.
  4. Have a Combat and/or LHE Training Officer and an Authenticity Officer (as appropriate) appointed and working with Society Officers. Where no such officer is appointed, the group leader is deemed to fulfil the role.
  5. Have demonstrated to the Konungr and High Council that it has robust plans for the group’s identity, recruitment and collaboration, as outlined above.

Once the High Council is satisfied the group has fulfilled all requirements, it will be recognised as an official group within the Society. If a Bjarkan has not achieved Leđang status after 12 months, its status will be reviewed by the High Council.

A Bjarkan may then work towards Herred status.

Further details on starting a new group are available here.

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