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The Leathernecks were formed in 2001, and the Leðrháls became recognised as a Leđang of The Vikings in 2002 with Ulfric as the Sturaesman. The group was promoted from Leđang to a Herred in 2017 with Ulfric becoming the Jarl.

About the Lethrals

“Mercenaries for Hire”. Operating from our base in Nottingham, we strike targets across the world. A close-knit group of thralls, bandits, cut-throats, Huscarls, artists and Princesses. Together we form “The Leðrháls”. We represent Vikings, in the classic translation, as raiders; a mixed band of warriors from throughout the known world. The black and grey shields have gained their own renown over the years, striking fear into enemies across the battlefield.

Based in Nottingham, the clubhouse, hall, gyms, workshop and brewery are open to Leathernecks 24-7 with Fight Club every Wednesday.


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A selection of weapons and armour
The Lethrals at Corf 2015
The Lethrals preparing for combat at Rhuddlan Castle
Lethrals Living History
Lethrals Living History
Small Lethrals Camp
Leth Mk 2017.jpg

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