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Morvleydh (Cornish for SeaWolves) was formed in 2011 by a handful of people fascinated with Early Medieval Cornwall. We have now grown from the original 10 members to over 35 active members with a age range from 0-80 years old, covering Cornwall and West Devon. We depict the various people living in the region during the 8th - 11th Centuries, with a particular emphasis on the Cornish and their Viking allies.

In 2022 Morvleydh were awarded a certificate of recognition by the Gorsedh Kernow (Cornish Bards) for their work promoting Cornish history and heritage.

We have a very active, family-friendly group with a large emphasis of fun and friendship. We currently undertake events all over Cornwall and into Devon, as well as journeying around the country to support other groups of The Vikings!

Morvleydh fight under the white wolf banner, which is affectionately known as the fighting Westie by the group members.

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Group Officers

Morvleydh are run by a Teylu of officers led by Jarl Lew

Combat Training

Morvleydh meetup and train at Bodmin Scout Hall if you are interested in coming to a session please contact us by email

Group Shields

  • All members are allowed to choose a shield design using the the three colours of off white, Teal, and Dark teal.
  • Morvleydh Thrall shields.jpg
  • Morvleydh`s Kite shield is Blue with white cross.
  • Living History

    Morvleydh LHE Skirmish style camp.
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