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Long, pointy hats are evidenced as an option for eastern vikings, in both literature and archaeology. They should be worn with other eastern items such as Rus pants and Birka coats.



Immediately following its mention of "100 cubit trousers", Hudud al-'Alam says "They wear woollen bonnets (ba sar bar nihādha dārand) with tails let down behind their necks (dum az pas-i qafā furū hishta)." Trans. V. Minorsky


Illustration of Rus warriors from the Tängelgårda I stone on Gotland

Several Gotlandic picture stones show figures with what are probably long pointy hats "with tails let down behind their necks", including the Larbro and Tangelgarde stones. The Uppäkra figurine, wearing Rus pants may also have an extremely long hat - or it could equally be a pigtail.

Possible finds

Granulated silver cap mount, in a Slavic artistic style, found at Birka

Two graves at Birka yielded up conical silver mounts that have granular decoration and are likely to have come from the Kiev area originally. They seem to have been mounted on decorated silk, including gold and silver wirework, and are believed to be the terminals of pointy hats. Other graves also evidence richly decorated hats, with embroidered brow bands.


It is unlikely that silk alone would be strong enough to support the mounts found at Birka. It is therefore recommended that pointy hats are made, like other outer garments, of woollen fabric, but may be lined and have external decorated panels of silk or linen. If a cap mount is fitted, decoration to go with it is a must. Otherwise, the simplicity or extravagance of your hat should reflect whether you are higher status or lower status.

Hats may be made from several triangular panels, or as a simple cone - it is advisable to make a newspaper template to ensure correct fit both to your head and to the mount if used.

Given the "Santa hat" appearance of long pointy hats, reenactors are sometimes found wearing them with a bell on the end. If anyone has any evidence to support this, please mention it in the "Talk" for this page - otherwise it is strongly discouraged.