The Vaetfang

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The Vaetfang or Play Weekend, is held mid-summer on a free weekend and is an opportunity for the Society to get together without the public being present, to camp, feast and (optionally) take part in a series of semi-organised events. Again venues for such events are always being looked for.

Previous events have included:

  • Live action role-playing
  • Free-fight battles
  • Konungr’s Lost Treasure Hoard - warband game
  • Archery contests
  • Children vs Adults Kub competition
  • Viking ‘sewing-bee’
  • Viking Olympics Events
    • Kub
    • Knakleikr
    • Warrior’s relay races , 3 runners per team. All carrying a shield, spear and sword/axe. One runner from each team must also be in mail.
    • Javelin Throw 1 (for distance)
    • Javelin throw 2 (accuracy at targets)
    • Rock-putting (heavy stone throw for distance)
    • Archery/sling contest
    • ‘Skinthrowing' ball game
    • Hnefatafl open competition.

  • Court of Swords - Saex fight competiton
  • Court of Swords - Axe fight competition
  • Court of Swords - Sword fight competition
  • Court of Swords - Spear fight competition
  • Team warband spear games
  • Viking Authenti-Master Chef competition - Prepare a authenti-meal fit for a Konungr
  • Sharp weapons cutting demonstration (sword, axe, saex, spear, arrows etc vs meat and mail)
  • Sharp arrow demonstration
  • Bring your Own’ Banquet
  • Extreme Viking - overnight in the woods