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Underdresses are the ladies' equivalent of the undertunic should be made of linen (or a substitute of very similar appearance) or (for very high status) silk.

Underdresses' sleeves should come at least to the wrist and be tight fitting at the wrist but looser on the upper arm. By the tenth century in England the sleeves may be long enough to reach the knees; as a minimum they should cover the fingertips; the sleeves should be pulled back to the wrist.

Underdresses should reach to around the ankle when belted (longer dresses may be appropriate to particular datelines/cultures, but the practicality of long wet grass at shows must also be considered). Underdresses may be decorated with embroidery to European designs with vines, leaves or animals and birds (both real and imaginary).

Basic dresses are simply a tunic design extended to the ankle How to make a tunic.

They may have a round or square neckline with a small front split as an option. Neck fastenings - dresses must have an appropriate, authentic fastening at the neck. Ties or a hook and eye may be simplest, though a small penannular brooch or disc brooch is optional for higher status characters.