Viking Festival 2022

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The Vikings are organising a event to

  1. Celebrate our 50th birthday as a Society
  2. Run a public show that we have full control over
  3. Showcase everything we can do to potential clients
  4. Enable everyone to have time to enjoy coming together as a group and live the Viking dream for a few extra days


  • Camping, training, trading and just generally having fun 20th-24th June, 2022
  • Major show 25-26th June, 2022



Locko Park, Spondon, Derby, DE21 7BW

Click here for a map.

Preliminary Timetable (subject to change)

  • Monday 20-22nd June 2022 Site access and infrastructure setup
  • Thursday 23rd June Education/Press day (arrival access and setup may be limited whilst we have children on site)
  • Friday 24th June Show setup
  • Saturday, Sunday 25-26th Show
  • Saturday 25th evening - 50th birthday party
  • Monday-Tuesday 27-28th site clearance

Logo.gif Inviting guests to attend

  • Whilst we will be inviting guest groups to attend, all guests will be personally invited by the Konungr. Do not invite anyone yourself without permission, this invitation will NOT be honoured at the gate and your guest will be asked to pay. If you wish to propose a potential guest, or guest group, please mail konungr [at] with their details. Please ask them to include pictures of themselves in kit with the request.


Inviting Guests

If you want to request an invitation, or invite guests, Viking re-enactment groups interested in applying can email: Ask them to include some photos of the group in Viking kit and a link to their website/fb page or similar.

Group Contributions

We are looking for all groups to nominate an activity they will showcase in their LHE or as a small arena activity. Please sign up here