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​​ ​Y Ddraig are a Viking re-enactment group predominantly based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, although we also have members across Cheshire and Derbyshire.

The group was first formed in the early 1980's (1982 or 83 we think) from a advert in Backstreet Heroes magazine (for motorbike enthusiasts) looking for like-minded people for sword fights in the woods. This then became a group re-enacting the early Dark Ages as warriors of the Welsh kingdom of Powys (Staffordshire was then part of this kingdom) and hence the Welsh name. The group later joined the Vikings society and initially remained as lightly armed Welsh warriors. The group's background was changed in 2000, with a new Jarl, to become a Hiberno-Norse reenactment group portraying the crew of a Viking longship operating in the Irish Sea basin, so from Dublin, the Isle of Man and the Western Isles, in the C10th. The Welsh name was retained.

The group currently has 35 members, of which 25 are warriors and oarsmen (others being wives and children). We attend most Viking society major shows and try to get as many medium shows as we can. We also run 1 or 2 of our own local minor shows a year. We have a training session and pub get-together once a week, most Monday evenings, 8-10 (then 10-11) at the 13th Wellington Scout's hut, Waterloo Street, Hanley (then the Rising Sun opposite).

Our shield design has been retained from the group's initial formation, a white background with 2 red rings (around the boss and the rim). These rings are the group's own warrior award and given to new warriors when the other group members believe they have earned them. A red dragon design is also available to all members.

The group has its own Living History Exhibit, recreating a military encampment of the period for a unit on campaign.

The group's current Jarl is Brodir Ulfrekson of Man (Warwick Kinrade).

For more information, we have our own website at;


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