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Or, how to find out what is going on. There are many ways for you to be informed about what is happening within the Society.

At Group level

Through your group leader - the first responsibility of a group leader is communication and they should be in a position to brief you on the season's activities. If you have Provincial membership, the Provincial Members Coordinator plays the same role.

The Runestaff

This is our Society newsletter and is published approximately 4 times per year. If you elect to receive a paper copy, your group leader will receive your copy so please remember to collect it. It is posted directly to you if you have Provincial membership or copies are always available at .



All members may join our in house user group (VMAIL) which is now the major communication stream where all major events and important announcements will appear on VMAIL. If you would like to join please mail the Admin Officer (admin[at] with your name and group. This is also an excellent forum for asking advice.

Also available:

  • Authenti-vike A mailing list for those interested in discussing matters of authenticity. Please contact Jeppe Christensen <jeppe.christ[at]> if you wish to join.
  • Vikings-RTT. A list for RTT's and group training officers to discuss combat matters. Please apply to Paul Murphy (paul[at] to join.

In addition, many groups have their own private mailing lists.

Web Pages

Details of all events members can attend will appear on the Members Calendar as well as being advertised on VMAIL.

Members information

In addition to the information on this Wiki, there are many, more detailed guides available on DocStore at – your Group Leader can access more for you.

Social media


Follow us on Twitter @TheVikingsUK


Follow us on Instagram @TheVikingsUK


There is both a public FaceBook page and 2 members-only pages - The Vikings (Official) on which announcements will be made, and the The Vikings NFPS for general gossip. Both are closed groups and you will have to be sponsored by your Group leader to be allowed on either.

Text Alert

We subscribe to a Text Alert service which sends a text message in the event of urgent "Alerts" being needed, for example, major events being cancelled on the day due to a flash flood (yes it has happened). This is a service that could save you driving pointless miles.

To sign up, please email Gareth Evans (safety[at] with your Mobile number. When we need to alert people we will send the alert to all registered phones. This will come through with the name "The Vikings" so there is no confusion. There is not the ability to reply to the message, and it is to be taken as Gospel, as only specific officers can do this. To send a message via this service you will need to contact any member of The High Council, or specifically, Gareth Evans.

Obviously the text will be followed up with a more detailed email, but this is to get the message out there quickly.