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The Hunters Guild has been created to build on and expand the skills used by those taking part in Extreme Viking, since that concept was designed it has grown to include participants that are not warriors and children (accompanied by a parent. Most of what follows will continue to include the phrase "Extreme Viking" as it has become an understood term within The Vikings, as time passes there will be additional information that is of use to anyone wandering about the countryside without being armed to the teeth and seeking a foe! An Extreme Viking is a warrior that has shown that he has the ability to survive in the open using only what he has with him and what he can forage and then carry out a combat mission. Extreme Vikings have three grades and a truly Extreme Viking will achieve all three. The first and toughest grade is the Extreme Viking – Solo, he has shown that he can survive by himself. The second is Extreme Viking – War-band, he has shown that he can survive, work and fight in a small unit. The third is Extreme Viking – Army, he has shown that he can survive, work and fight as part of a large unit.

Extreme Viking is a test of endurance as much as, or even more so, than a test of combat skill. For this reason it is called a “test”, if the thought of a test frightens a warrior then perhaps Extreme Viking is not for him or her.

There is no reward for completing the Extreme Viking test; all the warrior earns is bragging rights.

An Extreme Viking should research Viking out door survival skills and develop those skills in him or her elf and help other Extreme Vikings to do the same.

As said above, non-combatants may take part in an Extreme Viking event and can claim the same titles and bragging rights as the warriors.