Taking part in Society shows

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Shows are the main business of the Society, staging reenactment events for the public to watch. We do our best to make these of the highest standard, putting on an entertaining and educational display whilst maintaining safety standards. We also try to make the events as much fun for our members as we can. You can find out what shows we have in the next few months by looking at our Events Calendar.

To take part in an event you must be a fully paid up member or have taken out Guest Membership.

If you have a child aged 12 or under who wishes to take part in the Kiddie Vike Children's battle, you need to have a read and understood how it works. Kiddie Vike Notes and Guidance

Logo.gif Official Society rules

  • Anyone taking part in a Society event must have taken out membership of The Vikings to be covered by our insurance policy. Allowing a non-member to participate without taking out membership is a breach of Society rules.